Sunday, February 19, 2012

Use your common sense...

The baby has her first cold, which was bound to happen eventually. Thank goodness for infants ibuprofen! It brings to mind the recent recall by Johnson & Johnson of their children's medicine. It seems they have a medicine bottle that has a plastic donut at the top of the bottle designed to make dosing out medicine easier. As rumor has it, some parents were pressing too hard on the top, causing them to give their children too big of a dose. So while there is nothing wrong with the medicine, Johnson & Johnson has recalled the product and is offering refunds.

Now, I'm not saying that Johnson & Johnson is wrong in offering this recall, and frankly with the information I've read about recalls of their many other products and cancer causing agents in their baby shampoos, it's probably a good idea for them to be overly safe. But what is wrong with these parents that are overdosing their children simply because the top of the medicine bottle popped off? Who doesn't take a second and third glance to make sure they are giving their little ones the right amount of a controlled substance?

This leads me to my real question - when did our society put the responsibility for individual well-being into the hands of others? Why are we not expected to be responsible for ourselves?

It reminds me of a certain intersection in town that crosses paths with a set of train tracks. If the light at the intersection is red long enough, cars will back up past where the tracks cross the road. Logic would dictate that if traffic is backed up, you should stop your car behind the tracks, as opposed to on the tracks. But a sign was soon put up stating that one should not stop on the tracks, so obviously logic was not enough. The sign alone must also not be enough because now it has flashing lights surrounding it with a solar panel for round the clock power. At least idiocy is eco-friendly.

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