Friday, February 3, 2012

How can you tell a winter storm is coming to the midwest?

... Because the grocery stores are hella nuts! Okay, that's not really a good joke, unless you still have to go grocery shopping tonight!

Yes, there is a snow storm coming, so that means that the grocery stores are being hit up in preparation for being snowed in. Add to that the big game this weekend, and it makes for madness at the market. I'm set - I've got my reusable diapers, a fully stocked pantry, a stack of DVDs to watch, and lots of chores to do around the house!

I have a bit of a "retraction" to make to my last blog post. I had mentioned that I love baby orajel, but I've since learned - thanks to some faithful friends - that there was actually an FDA warning about that product and some risky side effects. After doing some research, I found that it is the benzocaine in the product that can cause a rare, but serious, condition. Orajel does make a natural teething solution that does not contain the benzocaine, which their website offers a $1 coupon for (score!). However, I could not find the product at the grocery store (and wasn't going anywhere else with the mad storm crowds out there!). I did find a product that seems to be safe - Kids Relief Teething, made by Homeolab, from Canada. It's a homeopathic remedy. I haven't had to use it yet, and maybe I never will! But if I do, I'm hoping it works.

If anyone has used the Orajel Naturals, or the Homeolab's Kids Relief, let me know what you think!

I hate getting my cable bill in the mail. It reminds me that I'm paying the cable company WAY TOO MUCH MONEY and still never finding anything to watch on TV. This is where I have to give some mad props to my friend Bridget, who doesn't have cable but still watches all the shows she wants. I'm very envious that she can do this, and wish it was something I could do. Here's how she does it - she first has a subscription to Netflix that she streams through her game system (you can stream this through XBox, PS3, and Wii). Now, that alone would not be enough for me, because as much as I love the instant streaming from Netflix, there is not a large amount available for instant view. She also streams Hulu Plus, which allows for many more viewing options. Still not enough variety? She also subscribes to Play On, and gets many more channels of programming available that way. Of course, it's all legal, legit, and probably saves at least $100 a month from a cable bill. This does of course require internet, but then again, so does blogging, and viewing this blog, so I'm assuming you already have internet access...

Now, I could easily do the same, except for one thing - HBO. HBO - as far as I know - does not do any streaming of their series online without some sort of cable subscription. Their series are great enough that I am willing to pay the cable bill for them. I almost - ALMOST - got myself convinced that I could live my life by waiting for their TV series to come out on DVD, until I learned that HBO has met with my favorite (favorite favorite) author about making my favorite (favorite favorite) book into a TV series. A six season series being co-produced by Tom Hanks and getting a $40 mil per season budget. And this will be airing sometime in 2013. Thanks a lot, HBO - you've lured me in again...

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