Sunday, February 5, 2012

Are you ready for some football??

The superbowl is going to be a special time for me. Not only it is a time for great commercials and usually a pretty good Simpsons episode (I hear there's a game going on as well??), but it was during the game last year that I announced to my family that my husband and I were expecting our first child. Now, I'm watching my husband juggle the remotes and the burp cloths and couldn't be happier! And he's finally got someone to burp with that's giving him a good run for his money...

I've got a batch of healthy chili on the stove to celebrate tonight. It's got tomatoes, onions, carrots, beans, and ground turkey. I decided that since the little one will be 4 months this Friday and will hopefully get the okay to transition to solid foods, that I would make some baby food with the rest of the bag of baby carrots. Baby carrots never actually get eaten as a snack in our house. I buy them instead of "raw" carrots when I need a carrot for a recipe because they are already cut and peeled. Not exactly organic, or a cost savings, but it saves my time, which saves my sanity, and you can't put a price on sanity. So I threw the carrots into a steamer and got to use my new toy that I got for Christmas - the Baby Bullet.

I've never used anything in the Magic Bullet line before, but they look interesting and seem to have a big following. But somewhere in my pregnancy (probably the weekend I spent $40 at the orchard on apples and spent the whole weekend boiling, pureeing, and freezing them), I became dubbed the make your own baby food mom. So the Baby Bullet was an exciting gift for me. It really was easy to use, and even after the baby is on to real food, I'll be able to use it as well. It even comes with a milling blade so that you can mill brown rice into rice cereal.

So for my unofficial review - a great gift and well worth the cost. With half a bag of baby carrots and 5 minutes (add another 15 or so for steaming, but really - you don't actually DO anything other than turn the oven on for that step) I have 6 servings of baby food. I'm also a huge fan of Alton Brown and all of his theories, and this definitely fits into his multi-tasker theory. The miller can be used later on for milling whole spices, or even coffee beans, and the blender will make mommy some yummy margaritas once little one is moved on. I know that there are other baby food making "systems" out there, and I haven't looked into those fully, but the Baby Bullet has a good cost, name, and reusability factor that would be hard to meet in other systems.

Now, I have absolutely nothing against jarred baby food. I'll probably even have a stockpile of it around the house and in the diaper bag for those weeks where I just can't find time to make my own baby food. Making baby food from raw or flash frozen veggies and fruit is just something that I am happy to be able to do. I'd be happy to make some fresh baby food for my new mommy friends out there as well - just hit me up with some fruit and veggies sometime and we'll work something out!

Oh, and GO GIANTS!

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