Thursday, February 2, 2012

Teething Bites

My baby girl has entered a stage of teething, and rest assured it is unpleasant, for the parents and the child. I've tried many different teething aids that haven't helped. It's got me to thinking about all of the things I've purchased for baby, and what we've used and have not used.

When I was registering for baby products, I tried to make it a point to not go crazy and ask for a lot of items that I was never going to use. I can safely say that I've used everything I got from my showers. Blankets, bottles, books - you name it, I've used it!

However, I've found that there are many items that I wasn't aware of, or didn't realize I'd need, that I've now found invaluable. These would be good shower gifts for a new parent - the kind that they don't know they'll need. Here's my list of items that I now can't live without:
1- Infant Gas Drops: thank goodness for these drops! I would have a very unhappy baby without them
2- Infant Orajel : the only product that's helped with teething
3- Wipes, wipes, wipes, wipes, wipes: I got some wipes at my showers, but no amount of wipes is ever enough
4- Backpack style diaper bag: Especially with the bulk of cloth diapers, those cute little over the shoulder style bags just don't cut it
5- Bottle drying rack: I didn't actually register for this, but got it as a gift at my shower. Thank goodness for this wonderful device!
6- The dumb little organizer that I got from the hospital for the changing table: Who knew I would need such an ugly item from Similac? It is very helpful, however!
7- Humidifier: I think the hospital should send everyone home with one.

I do find the array of baby products very fascinating and spend time researching them on the internet, even if I don't need them. For example - I'm very intrigued by these European bathing tubs. They are supposed to be very calming for babies - I can't see myself buying one, but I would certainly try one if given the opportunity.

Now if only someone could invent a product to make wet babies less slippery, or some sort of tub sling. I noticed that the baby LOVES being in the water, but she is growing out of her little infant tub. I tried giving her a bath in the regular bath tub but she was so slippery!! She sure did love splashing and kicking around like a little frog in the water, however. If only I could affix the tub treads to the baby...

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