Sunday, March 4, 2012

My adventure in fruit- Dragonfruit!

I've always liked dragonfruit scented lotion, but I was curious a few weeks ago about what a dragonfruit actually was. A quick Google search and Wikipedia entry told me that it was highly likely I'd never find out what a dragonfruit tastes like, since I'm very much landlocked in Iowa, and the dragonfruit is decidedly not a fruit of the continental US. However, I was quite shocked to find dragonfruit at my local grocery store today! Of course, the fruit was marked up at a very high price, but I decided to treat myself to a splurge.

It really is a beautiful and striking fruit. It's got a lovely, and somewhat squishy, hot pink outer, with green leaves that stick up around it. It's even more interesting once it's cut open-

I've never seen anything like it - a white flesh with black seeds. And it contrasts so well with the pink skin. I wasn't sure how to go about eating it, so I scooped all of the flesh out into a bowl using a spoon and just dug in. I'd like to say I was brave and had no hesitation, but that's not entirely true. The fruit has the texture of kiwi- soft and crunchy at the same time. The seeds are the same texture of kiwi seeds as well. The taste, though not bad, is very, very subtle.

So was it worth the money I paid for it? For the experience, yes. But not for taste. Needless to say, I won't be buying dragonfruit again, unless it's very, very much on sale.

Now, for a quick round of "Good Baby Buy, Bad Baby Buy." Good baby buy- washcloths - and plenty of them! Surprisingly enough, I don't keep many washcloths in the house. I'm starting to feel that now that I have a baby learning to eat solid foods. There aren't enough washcloths to clean that puree-smeared face. So if you're expecting, stock up! Bad baby buy - a robe. Very, very cute, but very, very impractical. It's enough getting the slippery, wet baby into a towel, much less a robe! But I did manage to use it once and snap some pictures, since it is cute-

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  1. The fruit is so pretty. The baby adorable! Love you little sister.