Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I decided I'd take a quick break from spring cleaning to update my blog, and all of my loyal fans out there. My family is still in the grand swing of trying to sell our house. I'm hoping that with the great spring weather we've been having that it will increase traffic and get us a buyer soon!

The biggest task - and the task that was saved for the end - has been cleaning the basement. I've never been too keen on looking with homes that don't have basements, and it's not even a midwest cyclone-phobia. It's that I simply don't understand where people without basements put their "stuff". However, after cleaning ours out, I've decided that those people are the sane people, because they just don't accumulate "stuff".

Standing in my basement last weekend, amidst the dust and cobwebs and totes full of "stuff", I realized that in the six years that I've been in my current house, the basement that started empty and clean was filled with "stuff" - things that I had spent hard earned money on and decided that I had no place for it in the main part of the house, or I wanted to keep it for our next house where we would have room, or it was something that I just couldn't part with. I think there must have been ten boxes or more of books, the same amount of boxes of video games - ranging in age from 1982 - present, boxes of art projects I never finished, art projects I never started, boxes of clothes the baby has already out grown (I know there were at least 4 of those), and the list goes on and on...

If you haven't caught on yet, I'm decidedly sick of "stuff". In order for us to fit all of our "stuff" nicely into our next house, I'll have to look for a 6 bedroom, 5 bathroom, 3000+ square foot house with a library. Which I know are out there, but they are understandably not in my modest price range.

My husband and I made a pledge that when we move into our new house, and the storage pod full of "stuff" is delivered for us to empty out, that things are either going to have a home that is not storage, or they are going to have a home that is at the Goodwill. Because I am not, ever again, storing, cleaning, moving, moving around, going through, or collecting "stuff".

I'm glad things are moving to a digital format. I remember when iTunes first came around, and I thought it was silly to buy a digital album. I wanted the shiny CD and the plastic impossible to open package- it was a trophy of buying that album! I've of course switched over to digital music since then, but realized as I moved boxes of old cds and cd cases how silly that statement was. I still say the same thing about books and e-books, and I wonder if I will look back in ten years and realize how silly I am now to think that (it's doubtful...). I took my husband's old Nook after he got a new one and while I did read 10 or so e-books on it while I was on maternity leave (I miss when the baby slept more than the cats some days), I still want to replace them with used paperback versions someday. But it sure would be nice if everything else could be digital and we didn't have to store it!!

And as I type this, I realize that I still have a pile of records that need to be boxed up and stored properly, because I will not ever give up buying records. Especially since new ones usually come with a free digital download...

And the problem of "stuff" starts all over again...

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